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2023-2024 Guild Officers & Executive Board

(effective 9/11/2023)

President - Heidi Kuchta 

Vice President - Dottie Vuono

Secretary - Sandy Blake

Treasurer - MaryAnn Genech 

Past President - Rita McConnell

  • Officers are selected by a nominating committee and then voted into office by the membership at the guild meeting.

  • Additional nominations are accepted from the floor.

  • Voting takes place at the July meeting.

  • Officers are installed at the September meeting.

2023-2024 Committee Chairs  

Communication Chair - Dottie Vuono

Website Manager - Louise Finn/Mary Shephard

Newsletter Editor - Emma Miller

Publicity Coordinator - Anne Rogerson

Social Media Coordinator - Dottie Vuono

Community Service Chair - Marilyn White

Pillowcases of Love - Sue Brittingham

Teddy Bears - Marcia Boniface

Glade Quilters - Terry Cassanelli

Quilts of Love - Pat DeVoll

Patriotic Quilts - Rita McConnell/Kathy Varga

Tiny Tots - Mary Martinez

Angel Gowns - Melissa Sopko

Comfort Quilts - Darlene Jack

Heart Pillows - Carol Fisher

Education Chair -Pam Procaccini

Guild Meeting Programs - Monica Chmielewski

Classes - Pam Procaccini/Carol Olynyk

IT Support - Rita McConnell

Bus Trips - Wendy Feranti

Services for Membership Chair - Barbara Wood

Bee Coordinator - Gail Seligson/Sheryl Sheffer

Historian - Rachael Straus

Membership - Mary Shephard/Cindy Myers

Sunshine - Joan Sciorra

Fundraising Chair - Anne Rogerson

Second Time Around - Barbara Ignatius/Scott Samples

Grants - vacant

Quilt Show - vacant


Ocean Waves Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 63
Lewes, DE 19958

For general information about the Guild ~

President ~ Heidi Kuchta

For class or program information ~

Pam Procaccini & Carol Olynyk  

For membership information ~ Mary Shepherd, Cindy Myers

To contact the newsletter ~ Emma Miller

To donate fabric, quilts, notions, etc. ~

More info available here

For community service project information ~

Marilyn White


The Sunshine Chair; for cards to be sent ~

Joan Sciorra


Webmaster to submit information ~ 

Louise Finn

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Who We Serve & Sew For

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Our History

Ocean Waves Quilt Guild is celebrated it's 25th birthday in April, 2022


On April 7, 1997, Ocean Waves Quilt Guild came to be.  Ocean Waves quilt Guild began as a conversation among three members of a guild that met in the evening, which was at a distance from their homes. It was a long drive and difficult to always attend with family responsibilities. They felt there was interest in starting a daytime quilt guild. A group of 18 friends, looking to have fun and expand their quilting knowledge and learn new skills - closer to home and meeting in the morning.

The logo of the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild is a blue and white Monkey Wrench or Snail's Trail quilt block.  It was chosen by the charter members because it resembled a rolling wave.

Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Banner

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