OWQG Community Service Sew-In

was August 5, 2019  9AM - 1PM

At Conley's United Methodist Church, Lewes, DE


The Community Service Projects worked on:

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Love

Heart Pillows

Pillowcases of Love

OWQG Community Service Sew-In on August 6, 2018

  The 77 participants of the August sew-in produced:

68 heart pillows for breast cancer patients,

70 Teddy Bears for Dover Airforce Base,

91 pillowcase kits and

enough blocks to make 2 Quilts of Valor.


August 7, 2017 the Community Service Sew-In was a huge success with 75 people taking part.  During the Community Service Sew-In 3 Quilts Of Valor quilt  tops were sewn, 73 heart pillows made and 28 baby quilts were started 6 of which were finished.  Thanks, to all who helped!)


At the 2016 sew-in a total of 54 members and 2 guests attended.  Carol Fisher reported that 63 Heart Pillows were completed and 50 more hearts were sewn waiting to be stuffed.   Twenty Baby Quilts were completed for Tiny Tots.  Quilts of Valor completed 117 squares were completed.

Community Service Projects:

Quilts of Valor:

(QOV Bee Challenge:  we would like to have every

Bee make a quilt for the QOV project )

Free Quilts of Valor patterns at: (for a limited time)

Sizing Charts  and On Point Layout

for making Quilts of Valor quilts


Requirements for making a Quilts of Valor Quilt (QOV):

Go to QOV  website

The tools bar across the top of the QOV page lead you to the information you will need. 

Click first on Quilters Questions

There you will find: 

     Quilt Requirements

     Fabric & Patterns

     Backing & Binding

     Labeling a Quilt of Valor

Next click on: Learn How To and choose:

Make a Quilt of Valor:  The QOV quilt requirements are listed here.


Currently, pillowcases (presentation cases) are only required when the individual receiving the quilt is overseas, or in the hospital or at a different destination.

Before awarding, a Quilt of Valor must be machine laundered (gently, using mild detergent) so any bleeding of fabric dyes has occurred prior to awarding, and because some facilities where quilts are awarded require pre-laundering.  Use of a “color catcher” that attracts loose dye during washing is recommended.

Questions??? Contact Margurerite Niemoeller:



Quilts of Valor Foundation:

Quilts of Valor made by members of the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild are provided to the Delaware State Coordinators: Marguerite Niemoeller ( and Dana Mason ( These quilts are presented to both active duty service members and veterans on request.  Our Guild helps fulfill the commitment to provide quilts to the service men and women serving at the Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base.  These active duty and reserve service members help to provide the Dignified Transfer of our fallen service members.  Our quilts have also been presented to our Wounded Warriors that participate in Operation Seas the Day at Bethany Beach. 

Quilt of Valor Sew-ins are done at Serendipity Quilts Shop in Dagsboro DE.  Please check the shop’s on-line calendar for future dates.  If you have questions you can contact Lenny Truitt at Serendipity Quilt Shop at 302-732-6304. 

Guild Contact: Marguerite Niemoeller

At 2019 Operation Seas the Day – 23 Quilts of Valor were presented



Pillows are given to patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Kits, assembled and ready to be sewn, are available at the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild monthly meetings.

The pillows are donated to the following organizations: Cancer Support Community of Delaware

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

Beebe Healthcare - Tunnel Cancer Center

Beebe Rehab

Dr. Spellman's office

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital - Allen Cancer Center
Contact: Kaye Webb



TINY TOT'S - Baby Items

Tiny Tots was started in February, 2010, with12 ladies from St. Ann’s Bazaar Workshop.  Today it has 50 members and is still growing.  Tiny Tots makes quilts, hats, blanket and sweater sets, teddy bears, nursing covers, and floor mats for the Rosa Health Center in Georgetown, DE.  To date, over 4,000 quilts, 500 blanket and sweater sets, 2,000 teddy bears, and 200 floor mats have been made.

The Rosa Health Center takes care of infants thru adults. The Center is absolutely free to whoever cannot afford medical help. Dr. Rama Peri runs the Center. 

Tiny Tots meets at St. Ann’s Church, Delaney Hall, in Bethany Beach on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December, July, and August) from 10 AM to 2 PM.  It is supported by St. Ann’s Parish and Ocean Waves Quilt Guild. All of the fabric and yarn used is donated.

For additional information, the Guild Contact is Mary Martinez 

Now doing nursing covers (pattern for DIY Nursing Covers)

Placemat Challenge and Information - Why, What, When? -

all you need to know.  (click link)


The group’s primary mission is to make baby quilts for newborns at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. Quilt donations are also made to Cody’s Comfort Quilt Project at A I DuPont Children’s Hospital and the Harry K Baby Pantry.  Larger quilts are made and given to Milford Housing Development and Habitat For Humanity when new home owners move in. Aids Delaware is given quilts when patients are in need. To date in 2019, 198 quilts have been donated.

Quilts of Love holds quilting bees 5 times during the year in September, November, January, March, and May. Kits are assembled and ready to be sewn. The location varies so listen at OWQG meetings or read the newsletter. Quilts of Love sews from 9AM to 1:30PM. Bring your sewing machine and a covered dish.   GUILD CONTACT: Pat DeVoll



The Glade Quilters meets each Tuesday from 9 AM to 12 noon at the Glade Clubhouse to design, assemble, and sew quilts for babies, children, and adults. Its workshop includes cutting tables, sewing machines, and a fabric room. The Glade Quilters donates to the following organizations:

 Bay Health Hospital in Milford and Dover

Sussex County Women's Shelter

Little Sisters of the Poor

The Baby Pantry (resource center)

Project Sweet Peas

Kody’s Kids Reading Group (started by Phillip Brown)

Renaissance Nursing facility

Cape Henlopen Senior Center at Christmas

Cape Henlopen High School homeless students

YMCA (for the homeless of Rehoboth)

The Glade Quilters also provides quilts to several organizations which have fundraisers during the year, such as Stockings for Soldiers and Ducks Unlimited.

Guild Contact: Terry Cassanelli

Angel Gowns  - 

Angel Gowns - Infant Burial Gowns

Our guild members will sew infant burial gowns from bridal dresses. We have the patterns for the members to use. The need is approximately 50 per year.

The burial gowns will be distributed to Christiana Cares and A. I. DuPont Children's Hospital.

Every year there continues to be a need for infant Angel Gowns (burial gowns). Please consider sewing one (or more) of these gowns from a simple two-piece pattern. Any white fabric is suitable, and you may add trimmings as you wish. The families of the infants are most appreciative.

The project coordinator is Dr. Shelly Hopkins

Guild contact: Melissa Sopko


Baby Burial Gown Basic Sewing Instructions

Large Burial Gown Pattern.pdf, Medium Burial Gown Pattern.pdfSmall Burial Gown Pattern.pdfMicro Preemie Gown Pattern.pdf.  

Large Vest Pattern.pdfSmall and Medium Vest Pattern.pdf

Teddy bears are given to children attending the Transfer Ceremony at Dover Air Base for a fallen family member.   SEAs the Day, and Families of the Fallen are also supported.   As of Sept 2019 - 3,047 teddy bears have been made and distributed.

GUILD CONTACT: Marcia Bonifas

• Teddy Bear: Instructions, Upper Body Pattern, Lower Body Pattern


Pillowcase Kits, containing the necessary fabrics, are available at meetings.  Members take Kits home, sew, and return them at a later meeting. The Committee launders, irons and attractively packages each individually.


Donations are made to diverse community groups such as AI DuPont Children’s Hospital, Bayhealth Medical Centers, People’s Place, Home of Hope, Fresenius Dialysis Centers, and Children and Families First.  Other groups are under consideration and members’ suggestions are welcomed.

GUILD CONTACT: Suzanne Worrall

Pillowcases of Love Instructions


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