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UFO Activity

January was UFO #12

February was UFO #7

Come back soon to see what March's UFO is!

March Activity Calendar


Guild Meeting - March 4th, 9:30 - 12:00pm

  • Pre-meeting 9:30am-10am

    • Meet & Greet

  • Business Meeting

  • Quilt in a Box Begins

           Location: In-person Conley's Methodist Church


Board Meeting -

Newsletter Deadline -

           Send items to:

Second Time Around

Second Time Around

Accepts donations from estates and individuals.  Our purpose is to provide general funds to the Guild to enhance our charter of education and service. We provide materials to the Community Service groups as well as market to the Guild Membership and Quilt Shows.  


We prefer 100% cotton quilting materials - 1/4 yard or fat quarters at the minimum, and yardage is welcome.  We also accept notions and other miscellaneous quilting materials.  


Contacts:  Scott Samples or

                 Barb Ignatius 

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