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is from 9 - 10 AM

Pre Meeting Demo at 9:15AM,  


Tuesday's class:

Quilt Expo 2019 March 23-24

Baltimore Md.


Nov. : pre-meeting snacks - last names beginning with N,O,P

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One guild meeting a year is scheduled as "Sew-In" working on projects for a few of the projects we support. Members gather to work in small groups producing items for that project. In 2013 Charles Paparella of TV Station WBOC visited the "Sew-In" and produced a segment for his Travels with Charlie feature. Click below to view the segment.
Travels With Charlie - February, 2013

• Heart Pillow: Directions, Pattern Top, Pattern Bottom

Website - Dana Mason
• Just a reminder - if the page you pull up doesn't appear to be current, you need to refresh the site. Your browser brings up the last version of the page you viewed unless you tell it to look for a new version.
• Not sure the page is the most current? All pages in the site note the last updated date at the bottom of the page.
• To refresh the site, right click anywhere on the page. Scroll down the pop-up menu and click on "refresh."

Block Exchanges

ROUND ROBIN BLOCK EXCHANGE - March, 2014 to March, 2015
• Participants selected a collection of fabrics they wanted to be used to complete their blocks and assembled it in a box. Each month, the box circulated to another participant, who completed two designated blocks using any of the fabric found in the box.
• Patterns and instructions were supplied by the coordinator
• Participants received 24, six inch blocks for a quilt once the exchange was complete.
• Contact Carol Fisher with questions or for more information on how this project was organized.

BLACK & WHITE STAR SAMPLER - September, 2009 to May, 2010
• Members swap star blocks from Carol Doaks' Fifty Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars.
• Each participant selected a different star from the book.
• Stars were black and white with one additional color (these parameters were defined on the group was formed)
• Participants could, if they wished, stipulate their color selection and supply fabric of their choice.
• Participants created enough blocks to supply the rest of the group and themselves with a star.
• For more details on how this project was organized, contact Dana Mason.

LIGHTHOUSE CALENDAR BLOCK - September, 2009 to May, 2010
• Each participant (ideally, the group has 12 members) selected a month of the year.
• Participants created 12 blocks (the lighthouse block from EQ6, paper pieced) in fabrics and colors that reflect their selected month.
• For more details on how this project was organized, contact Dana Mason.

PINWHEEL SWAP - October, 2009 to June, 2010
• A swap of pinwheel block with exchanges taking place every other month.
• Once the group is formed; size, fabric and color parameters are decided upon.
• For each swap, participants brought sets equal to the number of members in the group. This exchange was set up so members brought multiple sets to each swap, yielding a greater number of blocks for each participant in the end.
• Contact Faith Kusterer, for more information on how this project was organized

For rules and more information, click on the challenge title.

• Participants are challenged to create a quilt representative of the show theme - "Quilts in the Orchards ~ Peach Blossoms."

• Participants were challenged to create a quilt that is their representation of a randomly drawn playing card.

• Participants were challenged to create a quilt that represents their interpretation of "journey" in fabric using any technique or combination of techniques they wished.

2011 FABRIC & COLOR CHALLENGE ~ 3 • 4 • 5
• After blindly drawing a 4 block set of 3 inch squares in one of 5 color schemes; achromatic, monochromatic, complementary, triadic or analogous, participants created a quilt using the fabric drawn and that color scheme.

• Members were given a list of 34 items and challenged to include as many items as possible in their quilt, striving for a unified presentation.

• Participant blindly drew a paint chip and were challenged to build a quilt using the color they drew and its complementry color along with one of three neutrals: white, black or beige.
• In addition, participants were to try and incorporate techniques and blocks from pre meeting demonstrations based on the book Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston.

• Using a piece of the Hoffman Challenge fabric, participants had to incorporate the fabric and a basket into their quilt.

• Participants were given a fat quarter of fabric, selected by another participant to incorporate into a creation.

Secret Pals

• Year long project, intended to get member to know each other better
• Participants are assigned a "pal" for whom they perform "random acts of kindness" throughout the year using information provided in a participant questionnaire.
• Gifts are often exchanged for participant's birthdays and for Christmas/Hanukkah.
• The reveal of the secret pals if celebrated with a luncheon or other get together.
• This project is currently on hiatus - it will resume at a later date.

Of Interest to Quilters
A Little Bit of Everything: Bonnie Hunter's site that contains a wealth of information. She offers free patterns, mystery quilts, has a tips & techniques section, recipes and also quilt trip opportunities.

Charities and Groups accepting donations of handmade items

Color Exploration Option #1: Offered by Sherwin-Williams Paint, this site allows you to explore the colors found in an uploaded photo or scan of fabric and then print out that palette. The palette shows paint chips from their color offerings.
While this is intended as a decorating tool it will allow you to find colors within a focus fabric and take those color samples with your as you shop.
To save or print your palette you do have to register an account but it is free and you don't receive emails because you registered.

Color Exploration Option #2: This website was given as a resource in a Jinny Beyer video on color. It allows your to generate a color palette from a digital image. In addition to showing you all the colors contained in the image, it provides a chart of the light, medium and dark colors as well.
The drawback - it doesn't print the palette. This tool was developed for web developers, to generate a palette for a website and they only require the color code, hence no printing option.

Color Personality Test: Quilting is all about color, right? Did you ever wonder what your color choices and preferences say about your personality? Try taking this short interactive test. You select colors in sequences like favorites and least favorite and then receive a personality profile.
I took the test and was amazed at how accurately the results match my personality!

Delaware Quilt Documentation: Ann Baker Horsey, Curator with the State of Delaware Historical & Cultural Affairs, has been documenting quilts for Delaware. If you are interested in having an old quilt included in this research, you can visit their site for more information.

Delaware Quilts: Hosted by Marge Gordon, an Ocean Waves founding member, this site offers block of the month projects, mystery quilts, retreat opportunities and instructions for completing blocks and quilt patterns.

50 Scrap Projects: Gift and quick project ideas all using scraps.

Free Quilt Patterns: This site can be a bit overwhelming. It has an extensive listing of links to free patterns, it has over 1 million quilt patterns to use as a design base in the "Pattern Playground" section and it offers a Mystery Block of the Month by Pat Sloan, each year. There is a lot offered here, you just have to have the patience to find what you want.

Frixion Pens: This article discusses the much debated implications of using Frixion Pens to mark on fabric.

• The Future of Quilting? "What the Heck is Happenig in our Q-niverse?" An interesting commentary by the editor of "Generation Q Magazine" about current industry trends in quilting. The article was prompted by AQS announcing they will stop publishing book in 2017, the 2nd national quilting organization announcing it will be disbanding and the loss of quilt shows.

Gayle Thomas - Counterpoint Video: This very clever and imaginative video is a graphic presentation of blocks, morphing into other blocks and patterns all set to Celtic music. 6 minutes of pure enjoyment and fascination.

Inklingo from Linda Franz: This site sells downloadable pages of shapes to print onto fabric, stabilized with freezer paper. There is an extensive offering of templates, English paper piecing shapes and foundation paper piecing items. Some are general - i.e. 60° Diamond in different sizes and some are specific to a current trend - Millefiori quilts or pattern - Cleopatra's Fan. The site has a lot to offer, including instructional videos on how to use the product. An alternative to investigate if you are into English paper piecing or hate making your own template. The advantage to this method is all your template pieces will be consistent and you don't have to spend a lot of time tracing.

Ironing Board Extension Covers: Get frustrated trying to iron your quilt top? Check out the instructions for an ironing board extension cover at the Wild Onion blog. There are loads of instructions out there but I found this approach, which allows you to lift the extension off the ironing board preferable to one that is permanently attached.

Irons & Water: This article talks about the four myths regarding water and irons. Worth reading if you want to avoid an incontinent or spitting iron and extend the life of this much needed appliance. The site describes itself as "the world's easiest quilt design software." It allows you to do basic quilt designing using your own layout or one of the 5,000 layouts in what they call their "design stream." Once you have a design you can audition fabric (from their offerings or by uploading your own fabric) and print out fabric calculations for the quilt. I strongly suggest that you watch these two introductory videos (found on the blog page) before trying to design anything: "Tips for Getting the Most Out of Patter Jam" (if you want to design your own quilt) and "The World's Easiest Quilt Design Software" (for a general overview of the site). The designs are fairly traditional and basic but I have seen more modern offerings since I first visited the site a couple of months ago. You do need to set up an account or sign in through your Facebook account. Most of the site options are free but there are services for which they charge, such as having a panel you design printed and shipped. A great source of inspiration; and not just for quilting ideas.

The Quilt Index: Quoting the site's about page, "The Quilt Index aims to be a central resource that incorporates a wide variety of sources and information on quilts, quiltmakers and quilt making." This is a database of quilt information from highly regarded sources. It is best understood if you visit the site and explore its offering. Those fascinated by the history of quilts will love this site. An all purpose site with lots of information: block patterns, quilt patterns, instructions for beginners including answers and links for just about any questions you might have on quilting.

Quilts are given to new home owners when they move in.
Contact: David Szumski, Housing Program Mgr.  302-422-8255 or

Quilts are given to female veterans moving out of the shelter to their own home.
Contact: Jules Jackson   302-491-4216 or



Jan 4          Karen Kay Buckley"To Border or Not to Border, That is the Question"


Feb 1         Anne Baker Horsey   DE Quilt Documentation


March 7     Terry Kramzar  "Inspired by Adventure"


April 4        Maria Shell  "Patchwork to Artwork; Journey of an Alaskan Quilter"


May 2         Laura Blanchard  "The Evolution of a Traditional Quilter"


June 6        Michelle Scott McColligan   "Every Quilt Tells a Story"


July 11        Community Service Sew In


Aug 1          Linda Hahn   "Rock that Block"


Sept 12       Debby Kratovi   l"Short Cuts from a Short Woman"                           


Oct 3           Auction  in-house event held in even years to raise funds


Nov 7          Cathy Miller  "Sing a Song of Quilting"


Dec 5           Member Showcase & Luncheon


Where:          Dunes Manor Hotel, 28th Street and Baltimore Ave.

                       GPS Address: 2800 Baltimore Ave., Ocean City, MD 21842


 Project:        "Desert Sky", a 56' x 56' Quiltworx pattern by Judi Niemeyer taught by Irene Chandler.

Classes and Design Boards:

Craftsy: Offers a wide variety of video classes in sewing and quilting techniques. There is a one time charge for each classes, but you can view the classes you purchase an unlimited number of times.


iquilt: New (relatively) educational online opportunity like Craftsy. Classes taught by professionals but all are sewing related. Like Craftsy, once you purchase a class you can revisit it whenever you want. The site is co-sponsored by Bernina & AQS (American Quilter's Society). AQS members get a discounted price.

Quilts of Valor Foundation:

Quilts of Valor made by members of the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild are provided to the Delaware State Coordinators: Marguerite Niemoeller ( and Dana Mason ( These quilts are presented to both active duty service members and veterans on request.  Our Guild helps fulfill the commitment to provide quilts to the service men and women serving at the Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base.  These active duty and reserve service members help to provide the Dignified Transfer of our fallen service members.  Our quilts have also been presented to our Wounded Warriors that participate in Operation Seas the Day at Bethany Beach. 

Quilt of Valor Sew-ins are done at Serendipity Quilts Shop in Dagsboro DE.  Please check the shop’s on-line calendar for future dates.  If you have questions you can contact Lenny Truitt at Serendipity Quilt Shop at 302-732-6304. 

Guild Contact: Marguerite Niemoeller

At 2019 Operation Seas the Day – 23 Quilts of Valor were presented

Requirements for making a Quilts of Valor Quilt (QOV):

Go to QOV  website

The tools bar across the top of the QOV page lead you to the information you will need. 

Click first on Quilters Questions

There you will find: 

     Quilt Requirements

     Fabric & Patterns

     Backing & Binding

     Labeling a Quilt of Valor

Next click on: Learn How To and choose:

Make a Patriotic Quilt:  The quilt requirements are listed here.


Currently, pillowcases (presentation cases) are only required when the individual receiving the quilt is overseas, or in the hospital or at a different destination.

Ocean Waves Quilt Guild

     Lewes, DE



How many Quilts may you enter?

  3 General - 1 Challenge - 1 Quilt of Valor

How many quilts can be judged?

 A total of 3 quilts can be judged until we reach our limit. The Challenge Quilt will be judged as a Viewer’s Choice Award and does not count towards the 3 quilts to be judged.

Judging fee: 

Guild Members: $5.00 per quilt    Non-Guild Members: $10.00 per quilt


• Tuesday, April 23       9 – 11                 Quilt Drop Off at Sussex Academy

• Friday, April 26         10 – 5                   Quilt Show

• Friday, April 26  5:15 – 6:30      Victoria Findlay Wolfe Lecture and Trunk Show

                                       (included with admission for that day)

• Saturday, April 27   10 – 3                   Quilt Show

• Saturday, April 27     4:30 – 5:30        Quilt Pick-up


OWQG QUILT SHOW FORMS:    (Click on the underline to open file)




 Fillable forms - (type in and print or just print and write in):


* Registration Form    

 * Quilt of Valor Packet (updated)   


* Challenge Packet (updated)  or  Print (and write in) Challenge Packet


* Show Seller Contract: (Please Print)


Advertising in OWQG Quilt Show Program: 

* OWQG Quilt Show Program Advertisement Agreement Form


Quilt Show Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer form (to fill out and mail to co-chair)


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