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Ocean Wave Quilting Projects

Guild Bees

Ongoing small group gatherings
• Organized geographically and by quilting interest
• If you are interested in joining an Ocean Wave Bee, click here

Block Exchanges

Round Robin Block Exchange - March, 2014 2009 to March 2015
• Members prepare a block with their fabric selections, which is passed among the other 12 participants in the exchange
• Each participant gets 24 six inch blocks once the exchange is completed
• Participants complete 2 blocks a month, using patterns supplied by the coordinator.
• For more details on the project, click on the title
• Contact Carol Fisher with questions or for information how this project was organized.

Black & White Star Sampler - September, 2009 to May, 2010
• Members swap stars from Carol Doak's Fifty Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars.
• Each participant selected a different star from the book.
• Stars are black and white with one additional color (these parameters were defined by the group once formed).
• Participants could, if they wished, stipulate their color selection and supply fabric of their choice.
• Participants create enough blocks to supply the rest of the group and themselves with a star.
• When the exchange is completed, each member will have a set of different stars to create a quilt.
• For more details on how this project was organized, contact Dana Mason

Lighthouse Calendar Block - September, 2009 to May, 2010
• Each participant (ideally, the group has 12 members) selected a month of the year.
• Participants create 12 lighthouse blocks (utilizing the lighthouse block from EQ6) in fabrics and colors that reflect their selected month.
• When blocks are completed and exchanged, each participant will have a block for each month of the year to create a calendar quilt.
• For more details on how this project was organized, contact Dana Mason.

Pinwheel Swap - October, 2009 to June, 2010
9 month swap of pinwheel blocks with exchanges taking place every other month.
• Once the group is formed, fabric and color parameters are decided upon; pinwheels could have neutral backgrounds or be all scrappy (ideal for using up scraps and completing the project from your stash).
• Like other exchanges, for each swap participant brings sets equal to the number of members in the group. This exchange was set up so members brought multiple sets to each swap, yielding a greater number of blocks for each participant in the end.
• For more information on how this project was organized, contact Faith Kusterer


2014 Challenge - Playing with a Full Deck
• Finished projects are due, May 5, 2014
• Participants are challenged to create a quilt that is your representation of a randomly drawn playing card.

• For rules and more information click on the challenge title

2012 Theme Challenge - Journey
• Finished projects are due, September 10, 2012
• Participants are challenged to create a quilt that represents their interpretation of "journey" in fabric using any technique or combination of techniques they wish.

• For rules and more information click on the challenge title

2011 Fabric & Color Challenge - 3 • 4 • 5
• Finished projects are due, December 5, 2011
• Participants blindly draw a 4 block set of three inch squares in one of five color schemes: achromatic, monochromatic, complementary, triadic or analogous and must create a quilt using the squares and their color scheme.

• For rules and more information click on the challenge title

2010 Theme Challenge - A Scavenger Hunt
• Members were challenged to include as many items from a list of 34 in their project.
• For rules and more information click on challenge title

2010 Color Challenge - Liberated Colors
Participants were challenged to build a quilt using the color they drew, its complementary color and one of three neutrals: white, black or beige.
• The quilt was to used blocks that were a shape within a shape - building on the guild's Part Department demonstrations (see below).
• For rules or more information - click on the challenge title

2009 Hoffman Fabric Challenge
• Participants were given a piece of the Hoffman Challenge fabric to incorporate into a quilted piece.
• The design had to contain a basket.

2008 Fabric Challenge
• Participants were given a fat quarter of fabric, selected by another participant.
• The challenge was to incorporate the fat quarter into a creation


Special Quilting Projects Offered by Others

Alzheimer's Study Quilt Project
• Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study conducted by the University of California Sand Diego, thanks participants in their study by giving them a quilt. They are seeking donations for the several hundred people that participant in their study each year.

Quilts should be:
• new and lap-sized (approximately 40" wide and 45-50" long)
• 100% cotton
• any design, pattern or batting of your choice
• participants are both men and women, so a variety of colors works best
• "themed" quilts, specifically for a woman or man are fine
• quilts should be non-denominational: we do not know the faiths of the patients.
• no deadline
More information can be found at adcs.org/research/quilts.aspx

Quilts can be mailed to:
Jeffrey Itrich
Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study
University of California San Diego
8950 Villa La Jolla Dr. Ste C-227
La Jolla , CA 92037-1712

Secret Pals

• Year long project - intended to get members to know each other better
• Participants are assigned a "pal" for whom they perform "random acts of kindness" throughout the year using information from a participant questionnaire
• Gifts are often exchanged for participant's birthdays and for Christmas/Hanukkah
• The reveal of the secret pals is celebrated with a luncheon - often a pizza party
• This project is currently on hiatus - it will resume at a later date


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